Literacy Resources

General Literacy Resources
The Science of Reading - Parent Article
How the Science of Reading helps kids learn to read
Phonological Awareness
Pocket Rhymes - Rhyme
Rhyming Memory Match - Rhyme
Sentence Game - Sentence Segmentation
Syllable Graph - Syllables
Sound Detective - Onset and Rime
Final Sound Matching - Phoneme Matching
The Sound Game - Phoneme Segmentation
Picture Slide - Phoneme Segmentation and Blending
Rhyming Game - Rhyme
Rhyming Flip Book - Rhyme
Nursery Rhymes - Sentence Segmenting
Feed the Animals - Syllable Activity
Rime House - Onset and Rime
Matching Activity - Initial Sound
Sound Quest - Phoneme Isolating
Treasure Hunt - Phoneme Segmenting and Blending
Drop and Say - Phoneme Manipulation
Rhyme Time with Sesame Street - Rhyme
Phonics Pop
Matching - Letter-Sound Correspondence
Say It Now - Onset and Rime
Words Around Us Memory Game - Letter-Sound Correspondence
Slient "e" Changes - Variant Correspondences
Compund Word Puzzle - Morpheme Structures
Letter-Sound Pyramid - Letter-Sound Correspondence
Word Steps - Encoding and Decoding
Digraph Delight - Encoding and Decoding
Word Syllable Game - Syllable Patterns
Giraffes, Goats, Cats, and Centipedes
5 Ways Parents Can Increase Reading Fluency Article
Fluent Phrasing - Phrases
Chunky Passages - Chunked Text
Blast Fluency Passages
Decodable Fluency Passages
Phrase Speed Practice - Phrases
Phrase Progression - Phrases
Syllable Speed Practice - Word Parts
Give Me Five - Words
Fleeting Phrases - Phrases
Build-A-Word - Morphemic Elements
Homograph Hitch - Word Knowledge
Synonym Dominoes - Word Knowledge
Word Wrap - Word Meaning
Word Web - Word Meaning
Multiple Meaning Match - Words in Context
Word Why - Words in Context
Compare-A-Character - Narrative Text Structure
Retell-A-Story - Narrative Text Structure
Retell Ring - Narrative Text Structure
Keys to the Main Idea - Expository Text Structure
Classic Classifying - Expository Text Structure
Story Book - Narrative Text Structure
Incredible Inferences - Text Analysis
Fact or Opinion Football - Text Analysis
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